Charting the new era of proteomics

Erisyon Inc. is commercializing the world’s first single molecule protein sequencer that promises to transform the way we detect, treat, and track disease. Inheriting over a decade of work performed at the University of Texas at Austin's Center for Systems and Synthetic Biology, Erisyon was founded in March 2018 by a group of technologists and entrepreneurs with the ambition to usher in new discoveries that make the world healthier, safer, and more abundant.

Our Team

Talli Somekh
Jag Swaminathan PhD
Angela Bardo PhD
VP of Product
Zack Simpson
VP of Informatics
Prof Eric Anslyn
UT Austin
Prof Edward Marcotte
UT Austin

Papers and Reference Literature

“Highly Parallel Single-Molecule Identification of Proteins in Zeptomole-Scale Mixtures”
–Nature Biotechnology
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“Solid-phase peptide capture and release for bulk and single-molecule proteomics”
–ACS Chemical Biology
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“A Theoretical Justification For Single Molecule Peptide Sequencing”
–PLOS Computational Biology
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“Solution-Phase and Solid-Phase Sequential, Selective Modification of Side Chains in KDYWEC and KDYWE as Models for Usage in Single-Molecule Protein Sequencing”
–Royal Society of Chemistry
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