Introducing the world’s first single molecule protein sequencer

Breakthough Technology

Fluorosequencing is a single molecule protein sequencing technology that offers the capability to catalogue and quantify every single peptide and protein molecule present in a biological sample. The technology opens up many applications in biology, such as characterizing the antigenic peptides on clinical tumor biopsies for cancer vaccine therapies, single cell proteomics or early detection of biomarkers in neurodegenerative diseases. Learn more

Next gen genomic advantages now for proteomics

Ultimate Sensitivity
Single molecule resolution
Massively Parallel Throughput
Billions of simultaneous experiments
Absolute Quantification
Exact counts of protein abundance
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Breakthrough Applications

Measuring healthy vs pathological alpha-synuclean protein for Parkinson’s diagnostics
Direct detection of antigen proteins for better immune-oncology treatments
Revealing the camouflage viruses use to evade the immune system
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"New Protein Sequencing Method Could Transform Biological Research"
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"Solid-phase peptide capture and release for bulk and single-molecule proteomics"
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