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Decoding nature

for human health and beyond.

Introducing the world's first single-molecule protein sequencer.

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will revolutionize the way we detect, treat, and track disease.

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Moving light years ahead of

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Billions of experiments, faster breakthroughs.

Erisyon brings the advantages of next-generation DNA sequencing to proteomics.

ULTIMATE SENSITIVITYSingle-molecule resolution
MASSIVELY PARALLEL ARCHITECTUREBillions of simultaneous experiments
ABSOLUTE QUANTIFICATIONExact counts of protein abundance

Earlier detection, treatment, and tracking.

With unparalleled fidelity, sensitivity and resolution, Fluorosequencing promises to detect and treat disease sooner, and keep it away longer.

Leading the science.

Fluorosequencing was invented at the University of Texas Austin by a team of multi-disciplinary scientists in the labs of Profs Eric Anslyn and Edward Marcotte. Our team authored the first published paper in the field.

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“New Protein Sequencing Method Could Transform Biological Research”


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    "Photoredox-Catalyzed Decarboxylative C-Terminal Differentiation for Bulk- and Single-Molecule Proteomics"

  • ACS Chemical Biology

    "Solid-Phase Peptide Capture and Release for Bulk and Single-Molecule Proteomics"

  • PLOS Computational Biology

    "A Theoretical Justification for Single-Molecule Peptide Sequencing"

  • Nature Biotechnology

    "Highly Parallel Single-Molecule Identification of Proteins in Zeptomole-Scale Mixtures"

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